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Vine science fair explains it all in 6 seconds

Forget the classic science fair display board, GE's #6SecondScience fair uses Vine to explain concepts like electromagnetism and frog anatomy.

Fake frog dissection
This is much more fun than dissecting a real frog. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Twitter's 6-second Vine video format has been used to launch new social-media stars; host a film festival competition; and broadcast a brain surgery.

Its latest incarnation is as an extremely short-format science fair. GE's #6SecondScience Fair challenged people to explain science concepts as fast as they could count to six.

The Vine science fair participants covered an impressive variety of topics. There is a potato-powered lightbulb; the history of flight told with paper cutouts; a Play-Doh frog dissection; and quite a few creative explanations of how magnetism works.

The week-long fair attracted 600 submissions gathered through Twitter. The format was a definite challenge. Some of the videos don't make much sense, but many of them transcended the time limitation and managed to get their concepts and experiments across in entertaining fashion.

GE gathered submissions earlier this month, culled through the best, and put them together into a 4-minute video so you can immerse yourself in an epic collection of science snippets.

(Via GE Reports)