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Vine plants video roots on Windows Phone

The 6-second video app Vine finally shows up in the Windows Phone app store and is available to download now.

Vine for Windows Phone
Vine on Windows Phone. Microsoft

Less than 10 months after the Twitter-owned social video app made its debut in January 2013 (it showed up on Android in June), Vine officially comes to Windows Phone. The app showed up in the app store on Tuesday, following announcements on Vine's blog and the Windows Phone blog.

Until now, those with a Windows Phone device had to rely on third-party clients to get their Vine fix.

Starting Tuesday, you can download the official app, log in with your Twitter account or e-mail address, and start shooting all the 6-second movies your heart desires. The Vine app will also take advantage of Windows Phone's live tiles, and display a notification when your friends post new videos.

The news follows an earlier announcement at Nokia World in October, where Nokia announced that many popular apps from iOS and Android would make their way to Windows Phone in the coming weeks. Vine is the first of those announced apps to go live, so we should expect to see Flipboard and Instagram following not too far behind. Stay tuned for a review of Vine for Windows Phone soon.