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Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson crash Google in The Internship

Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson are feeling lucky in the first trailer for Google-based comedy The Internship.

The Wedding Crashers are back -- and this time Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson are feeling lucky in the first trailer for Google-based comedy The Internship.

Press play below to see the boys in action.

Meet Vince and Owen. They're fast-talking salesmen, but nobody's buying. Uh-oh. Dan from Roseanne has shut the company because "everything's computerised now". That's right, Hollywood: this Internet doohickey is here to stay.

"People have a deep distrust of machines," says Owen. "Have you seen Terminator?" Yup, and we also saw The Social Network, and we're also going to watch jObs. Technology ain't that scary, Owen.

The message is clear: these are two dudes out of step with the high-tech modern world. Let's hope they don't, by some improbable but no doubt highly comic contrivance, end up working somewhere where technology is the primary focus.


In the style of all modern trailers, the trailer then has to spell out the plot: Vince has to convince Owen that a job at somewhere they have no business working is their only possible option, because well-dressed white guys with experience in business who drive Mercedes are always the hardest hit in a recession.

The first hurdle -- A "webchat" with the chap from The Office and a lady. But these guys don't know how to work a webcam! Nurse -- my sides!

Instead of being politely but firmly rejected, Vince and Owen get to San Francisco and the headquarters of the Big G. Honestly, this trailer really makes us really question Google's hiring practices.

At first, our heroes are baffled by self-driving cars, and nerds.

This is a nerd.

This is a ladynerd.

But after a few ropey moments, Vince and Owen realise -- shocker! -- the nerds are socially awkward. Perhaps with their 1980s references and inexplicable lack of knowledge of a blockbuster comic and movie series, our heroes have something to offer after all.

Yes, Vince and Owen teach the nerds about a little thing that you can't find in a computer, on an ePhone, or on the Facebooks.

A little thing called 'heart'.

What do you think of The Internship? Is it set to be a laugh riot -- or should Hollywood stay away from technology? Laugh it up in the comments or on our hi-larious Facebook page.