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Vimeo finally comes to Android, Windows phone

The free Vimeo mobile app is now available for Android devices, the Amazon Kindle Fire, and Windows Phone devices.

New Vimeo app for Android Jaymar Cabebe | CNET

LAS VEGAS--Online video fanatics, the wait is over, as Vimeo's free mobile app is now available on Android devices (including the Amazon Kindle Fire) and Windows Phone devices.

Now, users of these mobile platforms can browse, watch, like, comment on, and add videos, just as they would on Plus, the new apps come with Vimeo's upload manager, which makes it easy to continue an interrupted upload without having to start over.

So far, I like the design of the new apps. Vimeo for Android (download) is clean, and has much of the charm and polished feel of the Vimeo site itself. Meanwhile, the Windows Phone version was surprisingly smooth, with a nice shooting, uploading, and sharing experience. It's also great that the actual Vimeo video player has made its way onto both platforms, which is more than I can say for the iPhone version.

New Vimeo app for Windows Phone Jaymar Cabebe | CNET

Vimeo is available for free download now in the Android Market and the Windows Phone Marketplace.