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Viliv P2 to be released in the States

Viliv P2 to be released in the States

The U.S. representative for the Viliv P1 recently paid a visit to the CNET offices to get an idea of what updates could be made to the P1 to improve upon the device. During his visit, he also briefed us on Yukyung Technologies' upcoming U.S. release: the Viliv P2. Overall, the P2 stands to be an improvement over the P1 for the U.S. market. Here's the breakdown:

  • AMD 400MHz (Alchemy) processor
  • Runs Windows CE 5
  • 30GB/40GB or more of internal storage
  • 4.3-inch, touch-sensitive, wide-screen LCD with QVGA resolution
  • Supports H.264; DivX; MPEG-1, -2, -4; XviD; WMV 7 and 8 (320x240); and WMV 9 (720x480) video formats
  • Set to support DRM-protected video
  • Supports MP3, WMA, OGG, AC-3, WAV audio; WMA DRM9 playback expected, and Janus compatibility possible
  • Audio-out and CVBS Video-out ports
  • Optional GPS receiver
  • Acts as a USB host
Measurements, weight, and pricing coming soon.