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Vikings TV show raids UK as Lovefilm streaming exclusive

Lovefilm has snapped up the favourably-reviewed US series, meaning you'll need a subscription to watch it in the UK.

Norse-em-up TV series Vikings is landing in the UK, but will only be available to those who own a Lovefilm subscription.

Amazon-owned Lovefilm, which competes with Netflix through its 'Instant' streaming service, has snapped up exclusive rights to air the show in our green and pleasant land.

Lovefilm Instant, which costs £5 per month, is streaming only, with no option to download shows for offline viewing. That means if you want to watch Vikings in the UK, you'll need a constant Internet connection -- bad news if you were planning on getting your pointy-helmeted kicks on the train.

The show will be available from 24 May, with nine episodes in total available to stream.

Lovefilm is fighting Netflix, which made headlines this year by funding a TV show all of its own, the sinister, Spacey-starring House of Cards. Later this month Netflix, which is a slightly pricier £6 per month, will be the only way to view a new series of cult-comedy Arrested Development.

Vikings made its debut in the US on the History channel, and -- as the title subtly hints -- chronicles the misadventures of Ragnar Lothbrok, a warrior who desperately wants to pillage the lands across the ocean to the west, but finds himself opposed to chieftan Earl Haraldson, who'd rather raid toward the east.

Who will eventually get raided? Will it be east or west that sees its shores decimated by Viking marauders? Is there a compromise to be met in which the vikings raid the east first and then raid west? Tune in to find out.

Will you watch Vikings? Are you a Lovefilm fan, or do you prefer Netflix, or even the ordinary regular telly? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.