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Memes fly like Eagles as Philly pecks apart the Vikings

Social media was buzzing about everything from Nick Foles' phone call to Crisco-covered street lights. And now, Tom Brady awaits.

Does it really matter that the Philadelphia Eagles won the NFC conference championship? Because as fans learned Sunday, the triumphant Eagles will just have to go up against the seemingly invincible Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, who beat the Jacksonville Jaguars earlier in the day.

But for Eagles fans, that's still two weeks away, and Sunday was a day for celebrating, and especially for praising QB Nick Foles' surprising rise.

Vikings fans (of which I am sadly one) were still coming off last week's Minneapolis/Minnesota Miracle.

Which soon felt as old as the biblical miracles, as the Eagles just took over and flew.

And when Foles was photographed talking on the phone on the sidelines, fans started ringing up ideas about what he was saying.

There was plenty of weirdness before the game even started. Vikings fans traveled to the famous Rocky statue at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to perform their "Skol!" chant, and even give Rocky a fashion makeover.

Philly fans took it personally.

Also, Philadelphia police took cans of Crisco shortening to grease up light poles in the city, hoping to stop fans from climbing them after the game. The effort even earned its own hashtag: #CriscoCops.

Super Bowl LII will be played Feb. 4 in Minneapolis. But the two weeks of hype will make it seem like an eternity till then.