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Vignette unveils software's version of a wild card

The e-commerce software maker begins shipping new software applications that work with both Sun's Java Enterprise Edition and Microsoft's Windows DNA Web development applications.

E-commerce software maker Vignette wants to give its customers the best of both worlds.

The Austin, Texas-based company Tuesday began shipping a new set of content, integration and analysis software applications that work with both Sun Microsystems' Java Enterprise Edition and Microsoft's Windows DNA Web development applications, giving developers a wider choice of tools to work with, the company said in a statement.

The new version of Vignette E-business Application Platform also includes support for the BEA WebLogic and IBM WebSphere application servers. Pricing for the new software was not made available.

Analysts agree with the company's claim that it is the first software provider in its marketplace--where it competes with BroadVision--to fully support both Sun's Java 2 Enterprise Edition and Microsoft's Windows DNA Web development environments.

"They have native support for both," said Victor Votsch, an analyst at Gartner. "They are in a unique position compared with their competitors, like BroadVision, who either support just one or the other platforms, or connect to both using ports or bridges."

The support for both systems allows developers to have more of an opportunity to implement Vignette applications in more languages, the company said.

"If you're a developer, this means a lot for you," Votsch said. "You can now develop tools in an easier way," compared with "having to rely on different ports to do so."

Vignette, which recently announced layoffs and office closings, has been trying to find new avenues to sell its e-commerce software. Opening up its applications to more development environments, like Java 2 Enterprise Edition, builds a broader developer audience that can use its software, and represents newer markets for the company.