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Vignette buys DataSage for $555 million

The Internet software maker agrees to buy marketing software maker DataSage in a stock deal worth $555 million.

Internet software maker Vignette today said it has agreed to buy marketing software maker DataSage in a stock deal worth $555 million.

Under the terms of the agreement, Vignette will acquire 100 percent of the outstanding stock and assume all stock options of DataSage in exchange for approximately 3.16 million shares of Vignette common stock.

Vignette expects to close the acquisition by March 31, subject to approval by the shareholders of DataSage and other customary closing conditions.

The acquisition shores up Vignette's customer list with a slew of players in the e-commerce, financial services, communications and retail industries, including Amazon.com, Drugstore.com, Outpost.com and Sears Roebuck, the company claims.

DataSage's products are designed to handle customer interactions with businesses and provide profitability analysis of customer segments and of individual customers. For example, businesses can analyze purchase and click-stream data of targeted marketing efforts and email campaigns, direct mail and site personalization.

Vignette makes publishing and personalization software for e-commerce and other large Web sites.

"With this acquisition, we take a major leap forward in empowering online businesses to personalize each and every customer interaction and measure and manage the success of their e-marketing efforts," Greg Peters, chief executive of Vignette, said in a statement. "Vignette remains focused on offering the most compelling and comprehensive e-business solutions in the industry for both dot com companies and the Global 2000."

CNET, publisher of News.com, is an investor in Vignette.