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ViewStar shoots for Web

ViewStar ships a suite of workflow applications designed for use on the Internet.

ViewStar has shipped a suite of workflow applications designed for use on the Internet.

The company's Process@Work and InfoStore@Work packages are designed to handle business process automation over the Web. Many traditional groupware software vendors, such as market leader Lotus Development, are adding Web features to their software.

Process@Work, priced at $30,000 per server, lets users initiate and track the status of work as it progresses through a process. An example is a loan application that consumers can fill out on the Web and add information as needed until the loan is decided.

InfoStore@Work, priced at $50,000 per server, can collate data from various sources and present it through a Web browser. For example, InfoStore@Work can be used to simplify a bank's signature verification procedure by gathering signature images and other information, along with name and address information from a legacy system, and presenting the information on a Web page.