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Viewsonic offers affordable 26-inch display

Viewsonic announced today the forthcoming release of their new 26-inch display

Birds, flowers, and geometric shapes. Oh, my! Viewsonic

Twnety-six-inch displays are not the most common size of monitor out there, but Viewsonic is doing their part in changing that. Today they announced the Viewsonic VA2626mw for a price of $530. This price makes it cheaper than Dell's 24-inch model, but still more expensive than some of the others we've reviewed. I mean you are getting two extra inches here, though...

You're also getting a DVI, VGA, and HDMI input for your video connection needs and two built-in 2.5-watt stereo speakers.

Viewsonic claims a native resolution of 1920x1200 and a dynamic contrast ratio of 6,000:1, which is a very high number. However there are reasons why you should not put too much stock into it. If I can get one in for testing, however, we'll see how close our contrast ratio test can come to that.

The display releases in July for $530.