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Videoconferencing company takes product name

White Pine Software changes its name to CU-SeeMe Networks, the name of its most successful product family, and launches a hosting service.

Videoconferencing software maker White Pine Software today said it has changed its name to CU-SeeMe Networks, the name of its most successful product family.

The switch is intended to better connect the company's product branding with its strategy and vision, it said in a statement. The software maker said it will focus on three areas: CU-SeeMe Software, new hosting business CU-SeeMe Services and CU-SeeMe World, its consumer portal and showcase site.

The company is also launching a hosting service that will let companies or individuals selling or buying goods online communicate on the Web using video, audio and text. The service will be target business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets.

Along with the name change, CU-SeeMe said that it will begin trading under its new Nasdaq Stock Market ticker symbol "CUSM" by May 15. It currently trades under "WPNE."

In January, the company scored a $20 million investment from GE Capital and other investors, which was used in part to help launch a services business. In April 2000, the company reported its seventh consecutive quarter of revenue growth.

"The Internet has become a dynamic communications vehicle, and we're beginning to experience the next phase of its evolution, which is the addition of live, interactive voice and video into our everyday communications," said Killko Caballero, CEO of CU-SeeMe.

The company has also expanded its communications lineup through partnerships with industry leaders such as Ericsson, Novell and FaceTime Communications.