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Video: Will the G-Wiz electric car kill you?

Crave UK goes for a spin in one of these mobile rabbit hutches.

Crave UK

One of the easiest ways to help Mother Earth is to ditch your petrol-guzzling, smog-bellowing harbinger of death, in exchange for a G-Wiz. It's a fully electric car, meaning you never, ever have to fill it up with petrol. Just plug it in at home or at your local garage, charge it up for eight hours, then drive to your heart's content, safe in the knowledge that you're not exacerbating Mother Nature's toxic asthma.

We recently went for a spin in one of these mobile rabbit hutches and can bring you video evidence of why you should own one. Sure, it's like driving a can of sardines, and your mates will probably laugh at you, and they've been prone to blowing up for no reason, but the G-Wiz is exempt from the congestion charge, you can park it for free, and it costs less than one English penny per day to run. Now who's laughin'? Click here to check out our funky video of the adventure.

(Source: Crave UK)