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Video teases smart speaker with Cortana voice assistant

Harman Kardon's 30-second YouTube video showing a competitor to Amazon Echo gets Windows fans in a tizzy.

Is the world about to get a smart speaker that features Microsoft's Cortana voice assistant? That's the question Windows watching are asking after getting a glimpse of a video posted by audio-equipment maker Harman Kardon.

The 30-second video doesn't give much away, preferring to rely on its self-evident title, "Harman Kardon + Cortana: Premium audio meets personal assistant." That combination could make for an interesting competitor to Amazon's Echo and the Google Home smart speakers, which aren't exactly known for the quality of their sound systems.

The video, found on the Windows YouTube channel, offers one other tidbit: "Coming in 2017."

That could be as early as CES next month in Las Vegas-- or not. We'll just have to wait to find out.