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Video status site 12seconds launches API

The site that some describe as "video Twitter" announced the launch of its first API, plus three launch partners that will incorporate 12seconds into their platforms.

12seconds on TweetDeck
TweetDeck now incorporates 12seconds videos (click to enlarge)

Video sharing site 12seconds, which launched its private alpha late last month, has declared its intent to become the premier site for video status (the Twitter of video, if you will). To that end, the company announced on Thursday morning the launch of its first API as well as three launch partners who will be incorporating 12seconds into their own platforms.

TweetDeck, the Adobe Air client that helps you organize information from Twitter, will now let users follow 12seconds channels and play videos inside the TweetDeck client. Microreview site Blippr (review) is letting users record a 12second video review in tandem with (or instead of) a text review. And London-based Phreadz, which is still in invite-only beta, has integrated 12seconds videos into its threaded multimedia service.

A post on the company's blog emphasizes that the feature is still in the early stages ("think of it as an alpha API"); developers interested in adapting 12seconds feeds can find more information on the company's API page. Of course, the 12seconds service itself is still invitation-only, but you can leave an e-mail address on this page to request an invite.