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Video reviews round-up: Shiny happy recordings

Continue to bask in the warm glow of this weekend's sunshine with our latest video reviews round-up

We said goodbye to pasty skin this weekend and hello to the sunshine. What a difference one day of Great British Summer makes -- even when followed swiftly by rain. But fear not! You can continue to bask in the warm glow with the week's latest video reviews.

LG offers plenty of television bang for your buck with the LG 50PG6000 video review. This excellent 50-incher is particularly impressive in both its looks and forward-thinking menu system. Get a load of this slab of glass, as it were. If innovative looks are your main concern, you shouldn't forget the Samsung LE40A6 video review, with its luxurious 'rose black' style. Go on, have a butcher's.

The company also steps up its glass game to mobile phones with the LG KF510 video review. If it's good looks you're after, you'll find them in this flashy handset. You'll want to check out Andrew's demonstration of the funky touchpad navigation to see if it's right for you.

If you thought we were all about LG this week, you'd be half-right: there's plenty of love for Sony here too. The Sony Walkman NWZ-A828 video review shows a truly superb player -- one of the best of 2008, we think. It provides that deep bass for which Sony is famous, and a great design, too.

The Sony Handycam HDR-SR11 video review and Sony Alpha DSLR-A350 video review continue the Sony-fest. The Handycam is all over that high-definition, hard-drive-based recording, and both its video and performance are excellent. The bevy of features -- including the ever-popular live view -- on the A350 give this 14-megapixel shooter an edge over other entry-level dSLRs. If a dSLR isn't your speed, why not try the Ricoh GR Digital II video review. This fixed-focal-length snapper is perfect for rangefinder lovers.

Finally, if you're ready to rumble, the Sony DualShock 3 video review won't smooth out the bumps. This wireless controller for the PlayStation 3 enhances the firing feeling in first-person shooters, and we're glad it's finally available.

We'll be happily enjoying the pink in our cheeks for at least a week -- just in time for another round-up. -Shannon Doubleday