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Video: Philips Cinema 21:9, the TV that hates black bars

If you can't stand black bars on your movies, then take a look at the all-new Philips Cinema 21:9, a TV that makes ultra-wide, blockbuster movies look every bit as amazing as they do in the cinema

Last week we told you about the new Philips Cinema 21:9 TV, an ultra-wide set designed to improve the way some movies look by chopping off the black bars you get when watching films on normal 16:9 TVs. We have our doubts that this TV will offer much to the average consumer, but that didn't stop us from videoing it into submission.

We learned some interesting facts too, such as the TV won't be using an LED backlight and the screen resolution is likely to be around 2,560x1,080 pixels. We also discovered that the company expects 16:9 content to be 'adjusted' to fit on the screen, which actually means 'stretched'.

Take a look at our video from the event and use the comments section below to tell us what you think, or discuss this and other TVs in our televisions forum.