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Video of angry woman using 'telekinetic' powers goes viral

The promotion for the remake of "Carrie" shows a woman freaking out a cafe full of New Yorkers when she appears to have a fit and slams a man against a wall with nothing but mental powers.

Imagine trying to order a bagel on a normal New York day when an angry woman takes her fury out on a man by slamming him against a wall -- using nothing but her mental powers. You'd freak out, right?

Thanks to Laughing Squid, a promotional video for the forthcoming remake of "Carrie" shows just that and it's spreading like wildfire on the Internet. Video viewers are let in on the joke immediately by way of some "making of" footage, but those in the cafe who were not forewarned were probably quite right to run for the hills when they saw the woman -- in response to a man spilling coffee onto her computer -- get up and use telekinesis to first throw him against the wall and then shove tables out of her way.

This, after all, is not an everyday thing, even to New Yorkers accustomed to seeing people acting out angrily.

Then again, maybe the hipsters in the cafe, said to be in Manhattan's West Village, just thought it was a demonstration of Leap Motion's gesture-control technology.