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Video: Obama's new 'BlackBerry'

CNN got a demo of the Sectera Edge, a highly secure, NSA-approved smartphone that could be the replacement for President Obama's beloved BlackBerry.

Much has been made of President Barack Obama's desire to keep his beloved BlackBerry as a communications device. On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters that, thanks to a "compromise," his boss will be able to keep a security-enhanced BlackBerry and use it for e-mail.

What's unclear is whether the device he will use is a BlackBerry made by Research In Motion, or a similar smartphone. The one that keeps getting pointed to as an option is the Sectera Edge, made by General Dynamics. It's the only such device in the category that the National Security Agency has deemed secure enough for use in the highest levels of our government. Check out the video above from CNN, which got a demonstration of the Sectera Edge from GD.