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Video: Making sense of a gadget-crazed Vietnam

Dong Ngo joins Charles Cooper on the CNET News Daily Debrief to talk about his impressions of technology in his homeland.

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If you've followed Crave in the last several weeks, you've probably come across CNET editor Dong Ngo's stories from Vietnam. Dong returned to his homeland for a visit, and he wrote a number of pieces chronicling his impressions of how technology has permeated the culture there.

Dong landed back in San Francisco Wednesday night and he checked in with his CNET colleagues at the office Thursday morning. Watch the video (right) to see a very jet-lagged Dong tell CNET News' Charles Cooper what he observed during his trip.

And be sure to catch up on Dong's series, which covers topics including widespread software piracy, solar water heaters in Ho Chi Minh City, and the young generation's common social practice of hanging out in groups but focusing more on laptops, cell phones, and game consoles than each other. It's good stuff.