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Video inspires launch of iPod dating site

For years, people have showered their iPods with adoration. Now, through a newly launched iPod dating site, the music player might reciprocate some of that love.

Credit: PodDater

Columbus, Ohio-based PodDater launched a beta Wednesday of what it calls the world's first dating/social networking site that brings online dating to the iPod community, an idea fueled by the new video iPod.

The free service allows you to view user profiles, download video profiles to your iPod or any portable music player, and create and upload your own video profile. So far, there are 172 profiles up, but most don't have video yet. You can sort profiles by tags and enter your zip code for a match close in proximity. There's only one up so far in San Francisco or the vicinity.

This is not the first iPod related dating site. Liam Burke, who wished PodDater luck on the site's blog, launched a podcast dating site,, in February.