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Video glasses put high end in focus

eMagin uses OLED displays to project the equivalent of a 105-inch screen 12 feet away.

With so many video glasses coming on the market, it's getting increasingly difficult for manufacturers to distinguish their wares. One of them is even offering a fashion line, which seems a bit of a stretch, to say the least.


eMagin, for its part, is taking what sometimes seems to be a novel approach these days: It's focusing on the technology. The company showed its latest offering at a conference in Los Angeles, a pair of 3D glasses that create the equivalent of a 105-inch screen viewed 12 feet away. Other models have made similar claims, but its "Z800 3Dvisor" uses OLED screens--which many believe will eventually replace LCDs as the display of choice for TVs because they are paper-thin and consume far less energy.

The glasses still don't deliver high-definition resolution, but they're getting closer at 800 x 600 pixels and a 60Hz refresh speed, as well as 16.7 million colors, according to Coolest-Gadgets. This pair also includes a noice-canceling microphone and 360-degree virtual viewing allowed by a high-speed headtracker.

As with products using OLED technology, however, the biggest obstacle appears to be price: These glasses go for a cool $1,500, so we won't be doing our Geordi La Forge impersonation with them anytime soon.