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Video games, celebrity and the golden goose

There is a huge market still games for the masses.

Lately I am obsessed with video games, not so much in playing them but figuring how they work. It's kind of surprising that companies like Amazon and Google tell you how their entire infrastructures are built but as my fellow CNET blogger Don Reisinger points out, the gaming industry is shrouded in anonymity and secrecy.

It makes me think there is a huge opportunity for some kind of open source-esque video game console and game development. Gaming is a market dominated by 3-4 giant players just like how software was, and music has been. We've seen the effects of open source and SaaS on giant software vendors and what digital music did to the music industry. Will gaming be next? It seems ripe for a shake-up.

Today Venture Beat brings us a Q&A with Insomniac Games chief Ted Price on cloning the golden goose which gives a bit of a window into the world of game development vs. publishing.

Overall the state of the gaming industry makes me think that the companies who doing everything browser based are going to be very successful at some point.

If anybody is interested in discussing gaming either for this blog or privately, please hit me up.