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Video game interview: Nate Fox, director of inFamous

A one-on-one interview with the director of the video game inFamous, Nate Fox.

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The PlayStation 3 has already had the benefit of a triple-A title this calendar year as Killzone 2 certainly helped fill a gaping hole in the console's exclusive games library. With the release of inFamous, developer Sucker Punch hopes to extend the list of quality 2009 PS3 exclusives.

We sat down for a phone interview with Sucker Punch game director Nate Fox and chatted with him about the story in inFamous and how players' actions can dictate the narrative. While most superhero games offer somewhat of a linear experience, inFamous strays from the usual pack of games by offering an open-world "sandbox" experience.

Fox talks about why Sucker Punch chose the superhuman ability of shooting electricity for the main character, and how the developer was able to create the effect of feeling like a superhero in city torn by anarchy.

Make sure you listen all the way through as Fox sheds light on the future of Sucker Punch and whether we can expect to see a Sly Cooper game in the PS3's future.

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inFamous is out now exclusively for PlayStation 3. Make sure you listen to The 404 every day to find out how you can win a copy.