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Video calls from a huge in-game Minecraft cell phone (Tomorrow Daily 282)

A working cell phone that makes video calls inside Minecraft, a modded NES that allows for 8-player cooperative play on a 360-degree screen, and a bandage that glows green when a wound gets infected.

Calling all creepers...

Verizon teamed up with a couple of agencies and a major YouTube star to create a gigantic in-game cell phone for Minecraft that can (sort of) browse the Internet and even make grainy video calls to friends. Sure, his friend looks super blocky, and they see your in-game avatar instead of you, but it's still pretty amazing (and fun). We're also talking about a 360-degree, 8-player version of Super Mario Bros, a bandage that turns fluorescent green when the wound underneath it gets infected and a flying robot sphere looking for funds on Kickstarter.

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Video calls from a huge in-game Minecraft cell phone (Tomorrow Daily 282)

Host: Ashley Esqueda | Producer: Logan Moy

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