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Video boombox gets a makeover

iMep player resists water and outdoor wear too, but for a relatively hefty price.

3P Electronics

Even though the whole gadget galaxy sometimes seems to be going retro, every once in awhile we come across a product that actually doesn't want to stay stuck in the past. Case in point: The makers of the iMep video boombox have come up with an updated version of the portable multimedia player that has a more streamlined look and is built to withstand the rigors of today's rough-and-tumble personal entertainment world.

Like the earlier disco model, this new mobile system has a 7-inch LCD, iPod dock, DVD player, and other features, but it also has a "rugged black finish that resists water and outdoor wear," according to its product literature. Of course, this will mean a higher price--$399 vs. the boombox's $300. Maybe those old bellbottoms don't look so bad after all.