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Twitter, Facebook can't agree on who won #VPDebate

Social Cues: By contrast, social media sites unilaterally condemn Yahoo's latest surveillance scandal.

The Republican National Committee called the vice presidential debate for Mike Pence hours before it even started.


Twitter and Facebook were still debating Wednesday over who won last night's vice presidential debate.

Donald Trump's running mate, Mike Pence, earned himself a "malarkey" moment as "#ThatMexicanThing" was trending this morning.

Social Cues is a daily feature on what's trending across Facebook and Twitter in the morning. Here's what your friends and followers are talking about today:

Vice Presidential Debate: Pence and Democratic counterpart Tim Kaine faced off Tuesday night in a debate that the GOP called a victory for Pence two hours before it began. Pence's performance ended up with two trending topics on Twitter this morning: #ThatMexicanThing and Mike Pence's Galling Amnesia. When Kaine called out Trump's remarks against Mexicans, Pence responded, "Senator, you've whipped out that Mexican thing again." Twitter ran wild with those three words, protesting what Pence thought was a quick defense of Trump. On Facebook, articles fact-checking the debate were at the top of newsfeeds.

Yahoo: The internet pioneer was trending on Facebook after reports broke out that Yahoo built a spying tool for the US government last year. Yahoo received a secret order, demanding it build a search tool to scan all customer emails, and then complied, according to a Reuters report. Facebook users are furious that the company has been helping the government spy on emails.

#PrayForBusan: A powerful typhoon slammed into the South Korean city of Busan, leaving at least four dead and three missing Wednesday. Typhoon Chaba's death toll is expected to rise, according to the Korea Herald. Twitter users showed their support via the hashtag.

#LukesDiner: The favorite coffee spot from "Gilmore Girls" is coming to life as several cafes get transformed into a Luke's Diner across the country Wednesday. The takeover comes as a promotion for Netflix's revival of the show, which returns November 25. Fans on Twitter were all about long lines to enter, show memorabilia and the best part, of course, free coffee.

#WorldTeachersDay: Twitter showed its appreciation for educators Wednesday. Users shared favorite memories of the teachers who shaped their lives and influenced their world views.