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Via's tiny DIY PC boasts dual-core processor

Via Technologies targets enthusiasts with the Artigo A1150, a DIY PC kit for a teeny weeny desktop.

Artigo A1150A
This kitten may have a new competitor in the cuteness category. Via Technologies

It's not often we describe a PC as cute, but we can't help but conjure that word on seeing Via Technologies' Artigo A1150 DIY PC kit. It produces a Windows desktop that measures just 5.7 inches by 3.9 inches by 2 inches--itty bitty enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Now, it's entirely possible our cute meter's getting swayed by Via promotional materials featuring a kitten, but there's no denying this machine falls under the rubric of ultracompact.

The little A1150 expands Via's Artigo line by adding a 64-bit 1GHz dual-core Eden X2 processor and a VX900H media system processor. It has HD video support, HDMI and VGA display connectivity, Gigabit networking, Wi-Fi support, and five USB ports. It supports up to 4GB of DDR 1066 MHz RAM and a 2.5-inch (laptop) SATA hard drive or solid-state disk.

While we can't speak to the performance of the final product (it's been a long time since we benchmarked a Via CPU), we're guessing the resulting mini PC will at least work well for the basics (e-mail, Web browsing, and the like).

The new A1150 is available from the Via online store for $260. Adorable animals not included.

Artigo A1150
Via is aiming the little PC at enthusiasts who like to tinker. Via Technologies