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Via.Me brings its social-media chops to Android

More than just another social network, Via.Me can post pictures, videos, and even audio clips to Facebook and Twitter at the same time.


Previously available only on the iPhone, Via.Me today makes its way onto the Android platform. While it may seem like just another silly social network joining an already jostling crowd, Via.Me's strongest selling point is the ease with which you can use it to post pictures, videos, and even audio clips to Facebook and Twitter, all from a single interface.

To get started, first sign into Via.Me using your Facebook or Twitter account. From there, it will connect you to your friends who are also on Via.Me. Then, just as on Facebook or Twitter, you can scroll through their updates in your Via.Me feed.

To create a post, hit the + button on the top right and choose New Post. Here's where Via.Me really shines. You can easily attach a photo, video, or audio recording to your message, and choose whether to simultaneously post to Twitter or Facebook.

You can also attach any existing file from your device's Gallery, and even apply Instagram-like filters to photos before posting. The versatility here is unique, and certainly the draw for many of the network's users.

Overall, for a free app, Via.Me is certainly worth a look. While you may not be too keen on adding another social feed to your daily routine, it could still be useful, as it works with photos, videos, and audio, and is capable of posting to more than one network simultaneously.

Via.Me for Android is available for free download now on Google Play.