Via Labs launches flash USB 3.0 controller

Via Labs announces the next generation of USB 3.0 controller for flash-based storage devices, the VL751 SuperSpeed USB to NAND flash controller

Via Labs announced today its latest USB 3.0 controller, the VL751 SuperSpeed USB to NAND flash controller. This is the company's second-generation single-chip solution for USB 3.0 flash-based portable storage devices.

Via Labs says that the new VL751 controller features a four-channel NAND interface, capable of doubling or even quadrupling maximum throughput over single- or dual-channel designs. It offers improved parallelization and higher efficiency by means of integrated preread and prewrite buffers. And it boasts better support for flash memory. These enhancements translate into a nearly 100 percent performance boost over the previous model without increased power consumption, according to the company.

Via Labs' VL751 controllers enable the creation of flash-based storage devices, such as thumbdrives, that benefit from the much higher speed of USB 3.0 (contrasted with the slower USB 2.0 used in most existing USB flash drives). By next year, it's predicted that all new desktop and laptop computers will have built-in support for USB 3.0. Existing computers can be upgraded to support it via an add-in card.

According to Via Labs, the VL751 controller offers compatibility across Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms without the need for additional drivers. It is touted as offering a data transfer rate of up to 120MBps. It's also backward compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1 standards.

Via Labs VL751 USB 3.0 to NAND Flash controller is now available to OEM computer makers and hardware vendors.

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