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Mobile Apps

VHA's Who2Call app highlights free calls

VHA has developed an app that shows you which of your friends you can call for free, and which are too expensive to talk to.

No two friends are enjoyed equally. Some you would lie down in traffic for, take a bullet for, or, at the least, help move house. Others you wouldn't call unless you were certain it was free.

You can view free calls only (left) or all contacts (right). (Screenshots by CBSi)

VHA today released a new app on both the Apple App Store and Android Market, and for once it's not a load of crapware. Who2Call is an address book replacement for Vodafone and 3 Mobile customers, which highlights your contacts that are a customer on either network, and therefore is a free call. You can select from two views, a full contacts listing or a cheapskate's view, showing only free calls.

Sticking with the cheapskate theme, the app itself is also free and available to download now. Free calling between Vodafone and 3 Mobile customers is available to anyone on a new post-paid monthly cap, introduced in March of this year.