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Vevo's 75,000 HD music videos come to Samsung Smart TVs

Vevo app lets users search for a specific music video or pick a genre station that will stream videos one after the other.

Vevo running on a Samsung Smart TV.
Vevo running on a Samsung Smart TV. Vevo

Vevo has brought its music videos to Samsung Smart TVs.

The company on Wednesday announced that its 75,000 HD music videos are now available through a Vevo app on Samsung Smart TVs. The app is also available on Samsung Blu-ray players and is optimized to work on both devices.

When users boot up the free app, they'll find Vevo TV, a linear music channel featuring different songs and videos throughout the day. Users can also choose to browse the company's list of videos, search for content, or pick a genre and let songs stream all day.

Vevo's app is available now in the US, Canada, France, and several other countries. It's available only on 2012 and 2013 Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-ray players.