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Apple, VA give veterans access to health records on the iPhone

All their info will be accessible securely via the Health app.

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VA Medical Center building, with US and POW flags in front

Apple and the VA are making health records for veterans easier to get.

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Veterans are now able to carry their health records on their iPhones. Apple partnered with the US Department of Veterans Affairs to let the millions of vets access their information easily and securely. 

Apple health app on iPhone

Apple's Health app now has health records for veterans. 


Apple's Health app can display the health records for veterans starting Wednesday, according to a press release. That means the 9 million veterans serviced by the VA will be able to view their medications, immunizations, lab results and more. 

"Helping veterans gain a better understanding of their health is our chance to show our gratitude for their service," Jeff Williams, Apple's chief operating officer, said in a press release Wednesday. "By working with the VA to offer Health Records on iPhone, we hope to help those who served have greater peace of mind that their health care is in good hands."

To access the information, users will need to open up the Health app, go to accounts, then health records and start from there. Once signed in, vets will be able to see their info that's synced with the VA. The data is encrypted and secured by the user's iPhone passcode, Touch ID or Face ID.

Apple announced its partnership with the VA back in February. In 2018, the company partnered with more than 500 hospitals and clinics to provide access to medical information via an iPhone.

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