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Very, very loud speakers for those who listen at '11'

If you really want to feel da noize, check out Professional Home Cinema speakers.

PHC's SCR-12 Professional Home Cinema

Designed by L. Paul Hales to produce concert-level sound in the home, speakers from Professional Home Cinema dare to go where no audiophile manufacturer would: PHC speakers play loud enough to duplicate live concert volume levels. For real, no kidding.

Take the SCR-12 ($4,000 each), it's a medium format "Screen Channel" loudspeaker capable of reproducing the awesome dynamics and unrestricted volume levels of a commercial cinema or concert PA system in your home theater. It uses digital signal processing (DSP), high-resolution frequency response shaping, and time-alignment to produce a maximum output exceeding 130 decibels. That's really, really loud! Even so, the SCR-12 measures a fairly compact 24x15x12 inches. I assume most buyers will place the speakers behind a perforated projection screen.

PHC speakers are meant to be partnered with PHC amplifiers. Complete 5.1 channel systems start around $30,000. PHC offers a range of high SPL capable speakers, subwoofers, and an amplifier.

Professional Home Cinema's Web site is about to be updated. Check the site in a few weeks to see the changes.