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Vertu's latest 'Ascent' descends on stores

New luxury handset goes for about $6,628.

OK, so maybe there aren't as many precious stones as you'd like, but at least you get some spare change left over. After such models as the "Diamond" ($88,000) and "Signature Cobra" ($310,000), Vertu's "Ascent Ti" is cheap at about $6,628.


The handset by Nokia's luxury unit features premium materials including a Titanium chassis, cowhide leather back, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal face and polished ceramic. Available in stores starting this month, it also comes in you choice of black, red or brown. (Crave gave an early peek at the handset based on FCC filings in July.)

It's not all flash, fortunately. One of the unique features in the Ascent Ti is the Vertu Fortress technology. This synchronizes important data on the phone such as contact details, calendar and notes to a remote server, (supposedly) maintained in an ex-military bunker at a secure location in the English countryside. So if you do lose your very expensive phone, at least the data can be quickly restored in a new handset, providing some peace of mind.

The Ascent Ti will come with support for 3G and quad-band GSM networks. It will also be equipped with a 3-megapixel camera, in addition to the standard concierge button that provides 24-hour service worldwide (concierge, a dozen Krispy Kremes right this minute, please!). According to the company's press release, the composer behind many of the James Bond movie soundtracks, David Arnold, has created three bespoke ringtones for the Ascent Ti, complemented by a series of car-themed backgrounds.

Read more about the Vertu Ascent Ti phone here.

(Source: Crave Asia)