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Vertu tries a new angle or two

Luxury handset maker's latest offerings feature unusual contours.


It turns out that designer Christopher Tak Cheung Yue may have been onto to something after all with the seven-sided "Suave" phone he proposed for luxury handset maker Vertu. The angular creation looked pretty weird, even for a concept, but Vertu's latest offering actually seems to take some small steps in that direction.

While not nearly as drastic, the new "Ascent Ti" line does feature some unusual contours and textured surfaces to improve the grip, according to Sybarites--a key reason for Yue's geometric design as well. Because it's Vertu, of course, the "Knurled" and "Checked" models had to include the usual complement of aesthetic touches, respectively including metallic-gray and deep purple leather. Best of all, neither is being attacked by a snake.