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Vertu Constellation T launching this month

Vertu, Nokia's luxury arm, is launching its first ever touchscreen model, and for once it looks like it can compete in the specs department.

Vertu? Doesn't Nokia know there's a recession on? While Vertu's handsets may previously have been the preserve of technophobic oligarchs who wanted more crystal-studded style than substance, it seems now Nokia is dragging the brand into the 21st century with the Constellation T, its first touchscreen model.

That's right, its first touchscreen. It didn't even have a smart phone model until last year's Constellation Quest. Thankfully this one comes with the kind of specs you'd expect to see on a modern day smartie.

It's still not official, but it's just earned its Bluetooth certification, according to Engadget, so it's a pretty safe bet. So what are these specs like? On the back you've got an 8-megapixel camera, matching the iPhone 4S, with dual LED flash. Inside it has 32GB flash memory, which should be enough for more than a few movies and films. Anyone would think it was a regular old handset built for calls and emails.

The touchscreen is a 3.5-inch AMOLED number, most likely the same as used as on the Nokia N8. There's no word on which OS it'll use, though odds are it'll be Symbian with a Vertu customisation to hide its shoddiness.

Because the official release is yet to go out, there's no word on price or release date yet, though a recent Bloomberg article mentions the company's first touchscreen handset will have an October launch, so expect it this month. And the price? It's not going to be cheap.

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