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Vertu Constellation Black Neon handmade from leather, rubies

The Vertu Constellation Black Neon is the latest posh phone for the super-rich, handmade from leather, carbon fibre and rubies.

We may be in the longest recession since money was invented, but the rich still need to phone each other to talk about polo and yachts and insider trading and other rich people stuff. The Vertu Constellation Black Neon is the latest posh phone for the super rich, handmade from leather, carbon fibre and rubies.

Recently offloaded by Nokia, luxury phone brand Vertu is behind such posh blowers as the Vertu Constellation Quest, a mere snip at just £17,300. The Black Neon continues in that vein with an opulent exterior.

Described by Vertu as "Modern and masculine" and "reminiscent of a luxury sports car", the Black Neon is handmade by a single craftsman. It's draped in perforated leather with neon coloured accents over PVD stainless steel, with a polished sapphire crystal 3.5-inch touchscreen. The lacquered logo reclines on a black ceramic pillow, while the silver edition is bedecked in twill weave carbon fibre on the pillow, menu key and backplate.

Oh, and the phone also has an intricate ruby surround on the shutter key for the 8-megapixel camera.

Underneath all this conspicuous decadence, the specs aren't likely to be so decadent if previous models are anything to go by. We know that the Black Neon has a decent 32GB of memory, an FM radio, GPS and an Accelerometer.

But it's not all abut specs. For your money, the Black Neon will wait on you hand and foot thanks to the independent concierge service included in the price. Vertu owners receive 24-hour access to a service they can call for expert assistance, recommendations and priority bookings. The Vertu Concierge can arrange anything from gifts to "money-can't-buy events and experiences".

Other expensive phones include the £1,275 Porsche Design P'9981, the £1,480 gold-plated Lamborghini, and the £2,300 Tag Heuer Racer -- but they look like mere trinkets next to the solid gold AEsir AE + Y, which costs £36,000.

The Vertu Constellation Black Neon is available with neon blue or neon orange accents, or in neon silver.