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Versant debuts Java strategy

The company trumpets a series of partnerships and announces new tools to ease the linking of Java client applications to its database software.

Recognizing that Java development is on the rise in big corporations, Versant Object Technology (VSNT) today trumpeted a series of partnerships and announced new tools to ease the linking of Java client applications to its database software.

Versant is one of a handful of companies that specialize in object database software, which is used to store and manage object-based component software used to model complex systems and processes.

For years, object database companies have struggled in the shadow of much larger relational database makers, such as Oracle and Sybase.

In recent years, relational database companies have begun to offer object features in their servers, further squeezing object database vendors.

Now Versant, like competitors Object Design, Objectivity, and other vendors, is recasting its marketing pitch to snare an increasingly large audience of Java developers.

Versant today announced that it is teaming with tool makers NetDynamics and Rational Software, and with middleware developer Tibco to comarket a tools and push technology package called VersantACE.

The package includes the NetDynamics version 4.0 Web development tool, Rational's Versant RoseLink software for modeling applications, Tibco's integration adapter for linking Versant applications to Tibco's push software, Versant's Java/C++ language interface, and the Versant object database.

A Versant spokesman said the package is priced at roughly $55,000 per 10-user installation.

In addition, Versant debuted a new consulting service, called the Versant Mentor Program, aimed at providing training and consulting to corporate customers.