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Verizon's new iPhone 4 ad stabs AT&T in the ear

In a heartfelt jibe at AT&T's network, Verizon sells its new iPhone with extra emphasis on the phrase "I can hear you now."

So if you were going to advertise the new Verizon iPhone 4, what would you do?

You'd show everyone how beautiful it is. But then many people know that.

Then you'd remind them that you can actually make phone calls on this iPhone 4, as opposed to the AT&T one. You know, the one that some who live in, for example, San Francisco claim drops calls more often than 49-ers receivers drops balls.

Verizon's first spots for its new iPhone 4 were all about a magical beginning. Now the company has decided to bash AT&T about the ears with consummate subtlety.

Fortunately for Verizon, they have that nice man with Elvis Costello's old glasses. He always reminds you that you can make phone calls, sometimes even quite clearly, on the Verizon network.

And here he is, looking like he's had a couple of meals at, perhaps, Sra. Martinez in Miami and Aziza in San Francisco, two of America's finest restaurants.

Note how he puts additional, just slightly sarcastic, emphasis on the "Yes. I can you hear you now" line.

One can only hope that on his constant travels across the land he has checked and double-checked the network, as there just might be a deluge of customers for this new iPhone 4.

So many, in fact, that they will all want to be heard should their volume suddenly overtax the Verizon systems.