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Verizon's LG VX9400 could launch this month

The better V Cast TV phone could go on sale March 23.

LG VX9400
LG VX9400 LG

Just last week, Crave was in a bit of fix over the launch of V Cast TV from Verizon Wireless. Though we were excited to see the service take off, we couldn't help but bemoan the fact that only the Samsung SCH-U620 was supported at launch. It's not that the SCH-U20 was particularly bad, but rather that the other V Cast TV phone, the LG VX9400, was especially good. Not only did the quality look better on the VX9400, but we also loved the nifty swivel design of the ample display. Now, thanks to an anonymous tipster, Engadget Mobile is reporting that the VX9400 will launch March 23. Pricing seems quite fair: From $200 with a two-year contract to up to $450 if you pay full price. Verizon is mum on the subject, but we'd welcome any news on the phone, even if it isn't verified. Of course, there is the problem that the San Francisco Bay Area isn't a V Cast TV launch market, but stop trying to kill our buzz.