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Verizon's LG G3 earns its Lollipop update

The 2014 flagship LG smartphone picks up the latest version of Android.

Verizon has a Lollipop-flavored update for its LG G3. Josh Miller/CNET

Verizon became the latest wireless provider to release an Android 5.0 update for its LG G3 smartphone.

Likely rolling out over the next few days, Lollipop brings changes such as Smart Lock, enhanced system notifications and screen pinning. The phone also sees an overall UI refresh.

Since Verizon has made the software update details and OS benefits (PDF) publicly available, keep an eye out for that over-the-air update to deploy soon. It could take a few days for your G3 to notify you when it's ready to install.

Anxious LG G3 users looking to get their hands on Lollipop sooner can manually get it through the VS98523B update through the VZW Software Upgrade Assistant. Do note, however, this only works with Windows-based PCs.