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Verizon workers fired over Obama records breach

Employees, who had been placed on paid leave earlier this week during Verizon's investigation, are no longer there, according to CNN.

Verizon Wireless has fired the workers tied to the breach of records for a cell phone used by Barack Obama, according to CNN.

A source told CNN on Friday about the firings. The source wouldn't say how many people were involved. The workers had been placed on leave earlier this week during Verizon's internal investigation.

"We now consider this matter closed," the source told CNN.

The breach was publicly reported Thursday; President-elect Obama's transition team was informed a day earlier. Obama's spokesman told CNN that the flip phone, which didn't have e-mail, had been inactive for months.

The source told CNN that the employees weren't authorized to view customer records unless the customer requested it. The employees could not have read text messages or listened to voice mail, CNN reported.