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James Martin/CNET

Verizon will reveal Moto Z and Z Force pricing on July 14

The magnetically modular Moto Z and Z Force are coming exclusively to Verizon this summer as Droid phones.

The invitations are in! Next Thursday, July 14, we'll finally learn how much the Moto Z and Z Force will cost when they come to Verizon this summer, exclusively and as part of Verizon's Droid sub-brand. The event kicks off at 10 a.m. ET in New York.

About a month ago, Motorola and parent company Lenovo introduced the two phones, which take a stab at modular builds with extra cases and Mod units that magnetically snap onto the back and give the phone some extra oomph -- like increased power or a projector unit.

Verizon will be the only network to carry the more powerful Force -- or Droid Force, as it'll be known -- anywhere in the world. The Moto Z will go global with unlocked models come September. We'll be there, bringing you the info live. In the meantime, read everything you need to know about the Moto Z and Z Force, including what it's like to use those Moto Mods.

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