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Verizon unveils new tiered data plans; keeps unlimited plan

Verizon introduces new tiered data plans, but keeps its $29.99 unlimited option.

We were afraid that when Verizon announced its shift to tiered data pricing, it would do away with its unlimited option, much like AT&T did. Not so, as Verizon's new tiered data plans suggest. Unlimited 3G smartphone data is still available for $29.99, but it's no longer required when purchasing a new smartphone. You can now opt for a cheaper $14.99 plan if you think you can survive on just 150MB with $0.10 per MB of overage.

The same goes for feature phones, but with an added option of $1.99 per MB on a pay-per-use basis (with this option, you'll have to cough up an extra $5 for e-mail service). No word on 4G/LTE pricing yet of course, but the carrier has indicated that it'll provide more information on that as 4G becomes more widespread.