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Verizon unveils low-cost unlimited data plan

Three smartphones are included in Verizon's new $29.99 a month plan, which provides for unlimited e-mail and Web surfing on your phone as long as you've got a voice plan with Verizon.

Verizon trotted out a low-cost all-you-can-eat data plan for its subcribers Monday, although it's only available on a few phones.

Motorola Q9m
The Motorola Q9m is one of the three phones eligible for a new Verizon data plan. CNET Networks

If you've got a Motorola Q9m, a Verizon Wireless SMT5800 (HTC) or a Verizon Wireless XV6800 (UTStarcom), you can now add a $29.99-a-month e-mail and Web browsing plan to your "qualifying" voice plan. Exactly what the qualifications are was left unsaid in Verizon's press release.

Unlimited plans have been all the rage among the carriers lately, as they try and one-up each other with new pricing. With the growing popularity of smartphones, it also makes sense that pricing competition would start to become more common among the data services as well.

Verizon said it would include more phones in the new plan over the next few months. There's already such a plan in place for BlackBerry users.