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Verizon to launch app store

Verizon Wireless says it will launch its own app store on March 29 to supplement other app stores, but is that one too many?

RIM BlackBerry Storm 2
RIM BlackBerry Storm 2 Josh P. Miller/CNET

LAS VEGAS--To many people's disappointment, we didn't see any handset news from Verizon Wireless at CTIA 2010, but the carrier did announce that it will launch its own app store on March 29, among an already crowded field of app stores.

The V Cast Apps store will be available first on the RIM BlackBerry Storm 2, but will be rolled out to additional devices in the next few weeks. The store will complement other stores, such as BlackBerry App World and Android Market, but hopes to leverage itself by allowing customers to bill app purchases directly to their monthly cell phone bill and offering exclusive apps. V Cast Apps will launch with about 300 apps.

(Source: Reuters)