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Verizon to cybersquatters: Get off our Verizon-like domains

Verizon is taking legal action against what it calls "serial cybersquatters" exploiting Verizon-like domain names.

Verizon has filed a lawsuit against a Web site and domain name registrar, alleging that they are exploiting its name by placing ads on Verizon-like Web addresses.

The complaint, filed in a Los Angeles federal court and reported on by Paid Content, calls and DNLtd "serial cybersquatters" who control more than 600 Web sites with names such as,, and

The companies generate revenue by placing ads on these sites and relying on consumers accidentally making their way onto their sites, Verizon alleges in its lawsuit. couldn't be reached for comment.

Verizon is seeking trademark and cybersquatting damages of $100,000 per site. Verizon claims DNLtd worked with Parked to take over expired domain names under its control.