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Verizon teams up with TiVo

Verizon teams up with TiVo

As any TiVo owner can tell you, the digital recorder is a life-changing purchase. I could live without my camera, my DVD player, and even my home computer, but TiVo is something I would truly mourn if it somehow wandered off. In fact, I've got it so bad that without thinking, I furiously press the TV remote control in hotels in a vain effort to rewind whichever program I'm watching. But as much as I love it, when I'm on the go, I wish I could telepathically (or at least remotely) tell my TiVo to record something if I forgot to program it beforehand. And now it looks like Verizon Wireless might just have an answer.

America's second-largest cell phone carrier today announced a partnership with TiVo, in which Verizon subscribers will be able to program their DVRs through their cell phone. After accessing the carrier's Get It Now service, TiVo Mobile will turn any Verizon phone into a remote control of sorts that will give customers direct access to their machines. But before you get too excited, you'll most likely pay through the nose for the privilege. Customer pricing was not announced as part of the deal, but the rumored fee is $5 per month on top of your regular TiVo subscription. And remember that since you're using the Get It Now wireless Internet service, you'll pay for airtime as well. TiVo Mobile will be available this summer.