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Verizon puts the kibosh on BlackBerry Storm update?

While other carriers have released official firmware updates for the RIM BlackBerry Storm, Verizon Wireless customers are still waiting for theirs.

James Martin/CNET

Verizon Wireless might win over new subscribers with its largest 3G network claims, but the carrier could be facing some backlash from current customers, more specifically BlackBerry Storm owners, if it doesn't take some action soon.

We're, of course, talking about a firmware update for the bug-riddled Storm. While Canadian service providers, Bell and Telus, have officially signed off on BlackBerry OS version, Verizon's Storm is working off version, which was released way back in December 2008, and is still experiencing such problems as the device locking while typing a message and issues with the external speaker. Verizon Storm owners are also missing out on some new features like a landscape QWERTY keyboard.

For a while, it looked like Verizon would push out the firmware update soon (though when we asked our Verizon contact about it, she basically said "no comment") but according to Boy Genius Report, that dream is pretty much dead, as version has failed Verizon certification and there's no word on when it or another version will be pushed out by the carrier.

Though the BlackBerry Storm 2 is confirmed to be in the works, there's no telling when the smartphone will come out and Verizon shouldn't leave current BlackBerry Storm owners hanging. Yes, you can download an unofficial update but 1) not everyone has the tech knowledge to do this and 2) why should the customer have to seek this out on his/her own? As important as it is to have a reliable network, so is customer service, so what do you say Verizon?